Drink the difference!

Osmozewater was created for all those who wish to drink the purest of waters! The first premium water “Regenerated” by steam distillation, ultra-pure and light ! Imagine you’ve never drunk some water beforehand…

Pure, refreshing, fine and light, Osmozewater relearns how to drink some water differently on a daily basis, while ensuring optimal hydration tailored to your needs…

A real alternative to the conventional waters usually consumed!

Nowadays, traditional waters have become totally obsolete… With “Osmozewater” it is a new generation of hydration! An osmosis between advanced technology and nature!

A smarter water, ally of the whole family, we like to call it the H2o.0. Osmozewater adapts to the daily rhythms of each person, while allowing optimal hydration throughout the day.

It draws its inspiration from the clouds and will plunge you into the heart of the natural purification process of the water cycle!

Dive into the heart of the natural purity process of the water cycle!

Honestly, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously but there are some things with than we don’t joke about !

Nothing is more important than your health! That is why Osmozewater is above all an ultra pure, fine and light water!

In a context of uncertainty as to the purity and quality of conventional some water generally consumed, Osmozewater offers water that eliminates any risk of contamination.

Created & Regenerated by Vapor Distillation, water naturally drawn from the source is brought to a boil, then the steam immediately cooled is transformed into tiny droplets of water, thus, freed of all its impurities, it offers an incomparable taste quality.

The vapor distillation makes it possible to reproduce the natural purification process of the water cycle, without the use of chemicals!

The regeneration of our water, after having enriched it in ionized minerals, oxygen or magnesium is like an update, so that in our turn we can help Mother Nature to always offer you the better…

We thus obtain a more intelligent water, we like to call it the H2o.0.

And now you know!
There's water, then there's Osmozewater...
The Range

Its adapted format will allow you to take away it easily throughout the day, all the benefits of daily hydration, so many moments to share for young and old…

Moreover, it allows to rediscover the taste of a really pure water, light and pleasant to drink, it reveals and preserves completely the flavour of food and drinks (tea, coffee, herbal teas, soups…).

A Tailor-made hydration…

With Osmozewater, more compromise, it adapts to your pace and will make you better every day.

Morning, noon and evening, our complete range will answer every moment of the day to the necessary daily needs, for an optimal hydration…

“Upon waking, start with Osmozewater’s oxygen for complete hydration after a night’s sleep…”

“During the day, Osmozewater’s electrolytes will be your privileged partner for all your everyday moments…”

“At bedtime, Osmozewater’s magnesium will accompany you throughout all your night…”

Of course, each product you can also enjoy it at any other time of the day!


The importance of Recycling our bottles…

All our PET and bisphenol free bottles are recyclable. Once recycled, they will be cleaned, dried and melted to form flakes, which can be recycled back into bottles or used to make other common products.

  • 1 - Collecting

    Your bottle is collected and taken to the recycling centre.

  • 2 - Selective sorting

    The articles are separated according to the resin from which they are made.

  • 3 - Shredding

    A machine cuts your bottle into tiny pieces, "the famous glitter".

  • 4 - Cleaning

    These parts are washed to get rid of everything that was inside the bottle.

  • 5 - Fusion

    The pieces are heated and transformed into tiny balls, called "granules".

  • 6 - Reuse
Signs of dehydration

Light to moderate dehydration:

Headache Vertigos Dizziness Fatigue
Be thirsty Sticky - dry mouth Dry eyes
Lack of energy
Small urination

I want to try
Sodium - Residue - Nitrate - Impurities- Pesticide